So, if the problem is we’re not getting enough oxygen, then we just need to breathe more, right?

I WISH it were that simple. It’s one thing to get oxygen in our lungs. But it is another thing to get it into our cells.

I’ve looked at every possible way of increasing oxygen levels at a CELLULAR level.

There are even breathing techniques developed to do just that. And I’ve tried them with clients.

There are also Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers that people can lie inside and it will saturate the air inside with oxygen so your blood can’t help but start to increase its oxygen levels.

But they are extremely expensive, they aren’t available in many places.

And to really get a total reversal of a severe illness, you have to do it frequently. (Like every day or every other day as a minimum.)

Otherwise, you’ll get a temporary high, or a temporary relief of your symptoms, only to have them come crashing down and then you have to start over.

Some have even resorted to drinking diluted hydrogen peroxide!

And those that could stand the awful taste, the nausea and the digestive discomfort, actually got some results.

No, I needed a much easier way that would fit into the lives of the everyday person — like ME — who could be on the go and still protect their health and experience a constant state of optimum health.

Over the years I found many so-called “solutions” for this, and yet, when I studied them in a lab, I found that despite working to a limited degree, it was at best, hit and miss.

There was no consistency to it. You never knew what you were going to get.

The reason was that there was NO oxygen in the water.

You see, these “oxygenated water” products relied on something called “Acid Release”